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Tours; Walking Tours; Van Tours; and other events to find and delight in the contemporary art of New Zealand and Oceania with ArtExplore Guides and fellow ArtExplorers in Auckland, Wellington and Dunedin
Walk & Talk
an Art Precinct

Walking tours: Walk & Talk an art precinct. Saturday mornings through Spring & Autumn in Auckland, Wellington and Dunedin, with local art expert guides. Return a few weeks later to the same galleries and find new exhibitions.

A kaleidoscope of art in two hours.

Lover Tours

Fun, informed & interactive. Full day or half day, immersed in the fine arts of the city with an experienced, expert art guide. Pre-designed tours or personalized to your specific art interests. Van Tours or walking tours. 

Minimum 2 maximum 10 people.


Van tours, Specialized Fine Art tours, lectures and other events with special guests, informed discussions, broadening and deepening our appreciation of contemporary art. All with other ArtExplorers. 

Auckland:  TJ McNamara Winter lecture series.


Mark Amery, Mary-Jane Duffy and Caril Cowan in Wellington.


Meet our team of Art Explorer Guides in Auckland, Wellington and Dunedin.


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Tour Reviews

Susan Elkins

Dunedin Walk & Talk the Dunedin's Art Precincts 2nd & 4th Saturdays

What a treat! Expert commentary from Jennifer Hopkinson, on a variety of artworks, made this a thoroughly enjoyable, informative and accessible way to experience the showcased art. Having two of the featured artists in gallery to share their exhibitions in person was the icing on the cake. Thank you to Jennifer, Catherine and Art Explore. I’d recommend your tour as worthwhile for anyone with any interest in art, whether they be expert or novice. Thanks for a very enjoyable time. I’ll be coming again.


Wellington Walk & Talk Art Precinct (fortnightly)

A great walk Saturday which started meeting Hobart artist Nick Goodwolf. Also featured David Cauchi, Terri Stringer little appreciated public sculpture, play_station and Meanwhile.