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Art appreciation events. Art Tours; Walking Tours; Van Tours and other events to find and delight in the contemporary art of New Zealand and Oceania with ArtExplore Guides and fellow ArtExplorers in Auckland, Wellington and Dunedin


Walk & Talk
an Art Precinct

Restarting for Spring 2017, Saturday mornings through Spring & Autumn in Auckland, Wellington and Dunedin, with local art expert guides. Return a few weeks later to the same galleries and find new exhibitions. The best way to see contemporary art.

A kaleidoscope of art in two hours.

Art Tours for out of town visitors

Fun, informed & interactive. Be met at your convenience, taken to art galleries, private/public collections, street art. Experienced, expert art guide. Pre-designed/personalized to your specific art interests. Van Tours or walking tours.  Full day or half day. 

Minimum 2 people

Maximum 10 people.


Watch for Summer Van Tours, Specialized Fine Art tours, lectures and other events with special guests, informed discussions, broadening and deepening our appreciation of contemporary art. 


Above: Mark Amery, Mary-Jane Duffy and Caril Cowan in Wellington.

Meet our team of Art Explorer Guides in Auckland, Wellington and Dunedin.


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Tour Reviews

Christina Dunning

Personalised visual arts tour Dunedin

Janes arranged an inspiring Dunedin private tour for me. We visited Dunedin’s Art Gallery plus several art galleries giving me a front of house and behind the scenes view of the Dunedin art scene. James arranged for me to meet one of Dunedin’s renowned local artists in his studio wgmhi h had to be a highlight. The second phase of the tour concentrated on Dunedin’s street art which was amazing and that much more interesting due to the knowledge James shared with me. Thank you for the day James .


Wellington Walk & Talk Art Precinct (fortnightly)

Comments from the First Spring Walk & Talk and art Precinct: SUSI Another great art tour exploring a variety of galleries and diverse range of current exhibitions. Thank you. MARY Very worthwhile first time on art walk, thanks ROBYN My first art walk n feeling so inspired ! Lovely people too JOHN A very enjoyable three hours. What a diversity of art is being produced! Nice to meet everyone. TREVOR Ditto Ditto…. Thanks Mark & Lorraine for hosting the 1st of the new seasons arts tour. The works by Brett Graham @ Bartley & Company are exceptional.