Art Salon events, occurring throughout each year, focus on some specific aspect of art, increasing art appreciation. ArtExplorers meet and talk art! There is likely a guest speaker, and/or there some special event where we meet and talk. IN Auckland there is a mid-winter lecture series, art school graduate exhibitions.

Previously ArtExplore had a judges Tour of the Wallace Awards, lectures introducing visiting exhibitions to Auckland Art Gallery; Exploring Outsider Art wit Toi Ora. including the exhibiting artist talk with James King.

ArtExplore is always looking for fun ways to enjoy, extend and deepen our art appreciation.

Each Event is a one off.

Early Bird!

Almost an Island: Art on The Otago Peninsula

There are some great artists on the Otago Peninsula - Almost an Island. BUT: Flooding and illness: We have had to change this tour. We are no longer going to
per person

2017 Van Tour: Wellington to art town Whanganui

Art Van Tour: Day trip to Whanganui with Paul Raynor
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