What a winter programme ArtExplore is offering you this year. Tour of the Dunedin Hospital Art Collection, and the Hocken Collection. Winter Van Tour to out lying galleries in Wellington as well as a day tour to Whanganui a fabulous little art town. A van tour of South Auckland galleries. the TJ McNamara Winter lecture series plus going to the top pic of the NZI Film Festival Movies. What a way to get into art. with others to love art, revel in it and so willingly share their knowledge. Fun. Great company. Demystifying the great puzzle of contemporary art. Choose now. Register now.

ArtExplore is always discovering fun ways to enjoy, extend and deepen our art appreciation.

Each Event is a one off.

NZI Film Festival Top Pic: The Price of Everything

This is another must in the NZI Film Festival for art aficionados. The Price of Everything: "An eye-opening and highly
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NZI Film Festival Top Pic: Kusama Infinity

Wow. The Film Festival programme is out. This is our top pic for art aficionados. The idea is for you
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Rebels extraordinaire: Explorers of new realms for art

TJ McNamara 2018 Winter Lecture Series We are excited to present the 2018 TJ McNamara Winter Lecture Series. This year
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South Auckland Van Tour

Sorry. Fully Booked. We love the winter van tour getting us to outlying galleries. This year for the first time
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