What a way to get into art, with others, to love art, revel in it, with art professionals who so willingly share their knowledge. Fun. Great company. Demystifying the great puzzle of contemporary art.

ArtExplore is always discovering fun ways to enjoy, extend and deepen our art appreciation.

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Wellington Tour 4th Floor QT Art Hotel

Tour 4th Floor QT Hotel Wellington
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ArtExplore at the Writers Festival: Shaping colour: Getchen Albrecht

Gretchen Albrecht is one of New Zealand’s most influential painters, a master of colour and form, creating vivid and affecting
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ArtExplore at the Writers Festival: Theo Schoon: Damian Skinner

Artist, mentor and provocateur Theo Schoon occupies a critical place in the cultural history of New Zealand, and was associated
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TJ McNamara Winter Lecture Series

We are privileged to hear from TJ McNamara sharing his life long passion for the visual arts.We are excited to