This is another must in the NZI Film Festival for art aficionados. The Price of Everything: “An eye-opening and highly entertaining ride through the excesses of the contemporary art market, The Price of Everything loosely tracks the lead-up to a major Sotheby’s auction in New York City. This is a world in which visual art “has become a luxury brand,” an acceptable, if not essential part of any self-respecting super-wealthy investor’s portfolio. Works are traded like stocks. There is even a futures market.” Toby Manhire from the NZIFF Website

The idea is for you to see the movie (105 minutes!) independently, the join us for coffee and post movie rave. We will go to the cafe at the end of Bledisloe Lane Mojo. As we will reserve a table lease let us know if you are not joining us for coffee.

We are asking only for a $5 Koha to help with administration costs.

Enjoy the film festival!

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