TJ McNamara 2018 Winter Lecture Series

We are excited to present the 2018 TJ McNamara Winter Lecture Series. This year there are three lectures. We are privileged to hear from TJ McNamra sharing his life long passion for the visual arts. This year TJ shares his intrigue of three outstanding artists, Caravaggio, Goya & Klimpt, each of whom broke the accepted mold of artistic endeavour. All three played a large part in the art of their times, but in both their lives and work separated themselves from convention and did things that were startlingly new. On his recent trip to Europe, TJ saw many of the works he will discuss

Tuesdays: August 21 & 28, September 4th, 7.30pm

At Kotare Venue, 7 Kotare Av, Westmere, Auckland

Week1: Caravaggio

This session will explore how Caravaggio’s work was largely influenced by his life experience, being a criminal and pursued from place to place by the authorities.

Week 2: Goya

This week we explore Goya ranging through Rococo work to savage social comment, even with middle age deafness which isolated him into a world of his own.

Week 3: Klimt

In our final session we explore the influence on Klimpt’s art of fashion and design, that he largely helped create, in the hothouse of culture that was Venice in the turn of the 19th & 20th centuries.

Cost for the series or indidividual lectures
Prepay discount:
Register for all three sessions for $60
Or $25 each session
If payment is by August 1st

Full fee:
All three sessions: $80
$30 each session for cash on the day – exact change please.

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