Assoc Prof Linda Tyler is on the Curatorial Team for the Sculpture in the Gardens. We are delighted that she has agreed to take us around the exhibition, sharing her insights, commenting her decision making process and actual decisions.

We have 20 people on this event. However it is an open event. Do come along. we would love to see you.

Sculpture in the Gardens champions New Zealand artists.  For the artists the event is unique as it runs for three months, much longer than other similar events in Auckland. Sculpture in the Gardens is now a biennial event within the Auckland Botanic Gardens calendar  and continues to establish a large collection of public sculpture

The Friends of the Auckland Botanic Gardens are pleased to bring you Sculpture in the Gardens.

Most paths in the gardens are accessible for wheelchair users, pushchairs and mobility scooters. Those that aren’t are marked with signposts denoting no wheelchair or scooter access. You are welcome to use your personal wheelchair or mobility scooter within the Gardens.

Huakaiwaka has two manual wheelchairs and three mobility scooters available during centre opening hours. There is no charge to borrow a wheelchair or scooter; however we do retain a bond (car keys or drivers licence) while the wheelchair or scooter is in use. Bookings are recommended for weekends or during summer when visitation is high, phone 09 267 1457.

We invite you to bring lunch for a shared picnic.

We do have costs for this Meetup and ask for $25 to cover these.

Direct deposit to 38-9012-0285964-00

You can also book and pay online through Pay Pal:

Or pay cash on the day – exact change please.

Last minute bookings, cant come, cant find us or running late phone us on 0211883933 or 021566300

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