Join Curator Assoc Prof Dr. Linda Tyler for a tour of the 2020 Sculpture in the Gardens. Get the back stories, inside info, deepen and broaden your delight and critique of the works. Be thrilled, fascinated or even perplexed.


The best ideas often come from a small seed of thought, something that germinates into a plant and then eventually develops into a magnificent garden.

In 2003 the Friends of the Auckland Botanic Gardens floated the idea of having high quality outdoor sculpture as part of the Gardens’ attractions.  After exploring a number of possibilities, the Friends signed a formal agreement with the then Auckland Regional Council on holding sculpture exhibitions in the Gardens and on an art purchasing policy.

Like many good ideas, others were thinking along the same lines.  The ‘Growth Industry’ sculpture exhibition of 2005, organised by the sculptor, Richard Mathieson, proved an outstanding success. This provided the platform from which ‘Sculpture in the Gardens’ was born.

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Have a stunning morning, great company followed by a shared picnic.

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