We are thrilled to present the 2019 TJ McNamara Winter Lecture Series, with three lectures. Be fascinated by TJ McNamara sharing his extraordinary in depth knowledge from his life long passion in the visual arts.

This year TJ shares his in depth understanding of the influences leading to the revolution in Aotearoa New Zealand art in the 1960’s. He is doing this in the context of three revolutions: The industrial revolution, the early modern art particularly the impressionists, and then to focus on Aotearoa New Zealand.

Week 1, July 30:

The French Revolution

The tumult of the French Revolution brought changes in the philosophy practice and subjects of European art. The lecture glances at Pre-Revolutionary Baroque and then the politics of Neo-classical painting and the passion of the Romantics.

Week 2, August 6:

The Industrial Revolution and the changes in art technology

This week explores the extraordinary changes that made possible the change in emphasis from academic painting to Impressionism and Symbolism that expanded the possibilities of art in in the Nineteenth Century that underlie changes from Academic art to Impressionism and the movements that followed.

Week 3, August 13:

A Revolution in Aotearoa; Suddenly Last Century

The extraordinary changes amounting to a revolution in art in this country from the 1960s when there was an intense growth of confidence allied to the scrutiny of the part art might play in this country. The tradition of landscape painting was turned on its head by a variety of creative endeavour.

A warm welcome awaits you with winter drinks and nibbles in a warm cosy environment.

Cost for the series or individual lectures
Prepay discount:
Register for all three sessions for $60
Or $25 each session
If payment is by July 16

Full fee:
All three sessions: $80
Earlybird discount $60 July 16

Individual sessions:
$30 per person for cash on the day – exact change please.
$25 pay ahead
Early bird $20 per session if paid by July 16

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