Discover the fine visual arts of Dunedin, Wellington & Auckland. Be taken to top dealer galleries, corporate collections, featured public art, fabulous street art and/or even an artists studio. Get beyond the public art galleries, fabulous though they are. Be taken with ease and quickly to a variety of destinations with independent commentary. Deepen your understanding of the country and city through artistic expression or as an art lover or collector.

Dunedin Tuesdays 2 pm

Meet your Guide James Dignan. Art Critic, at the Brett McDowell Gallery, Dowling St, easy walking distance from the city centre, The Otagon.

Wellington Wednesdays 1 pm

Meet your guide Mark Amery, Freelance Art commentator, under the Neil Dawson Ball in Te Ngākau Civic Square, the city square,

Auckland Wednesdays 1 pm and Fridays 10 am.

Wednesdays meet at the top dealer Gallery Trish Clark, No 1 Bowen Ave. University precinct. Your guide is TJ (Terry) McNamara, long standing art critic for the major newspaper in Auckland, The Herald.

Fridays you will meet your guide Assoc Prof Linda Tyler, at the corner of the renown Karangahape Rd and East St.

Such fabulous discovery of each city, being taken everywhere with ease, and with high level commentary.

A favourite with conferences and partner programmes

Discover contemporary art: Dunedin, Wellington & Auckland

Be introduced to the fine visual arts of Auckland, Wellington or Dunedin. Includes all or some of the following: top
per person
2 hours
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