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Arihia Latham captures perfectly why ArtExplore exists: "Walking down the cool, narrow hallway to Bowen Galleries on Ghuznee Street, (Whanganui A Tara Wellington) ... I realised how awkward I still feel taking that first step into the hush of a gallery. A small part of me doesn’t feel like I belong. It can take courage to walk in, or upstairs to a small gallery not open to the street. For some it doesn’t feel like their space."



The 2021 Autumn Season has completed. We are now awaiting the Covid 19 situation to allow us to get out and about exploring the stunning visual arts of our wonderful country

The Walk & Talk an Art Precinct will restart in both Tamaki Makaurau/ Auckland & Whanganui a Tara/Wellington as we can. Plus more is planned.

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Visiting out of town? Be taken with ease to top dealer galleries, corporate collections, featured public art, fabulous street art and/or even an artists studio. With independent commentary.

Get beyond the public art galleries, fabulous though they are. Deepen your understanding of the country and cities.

Auckland Wellington & Dunedin

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ArtExplore is delighted to be full of plans in this Lockdown. Look for a tour from Tamaki Makaurau/Auckland to Tauranga, and new schedules in Te Whanganui a Tara/Wellington.

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Introducing Gina Matchitt, ArtExplore Guide Te Whanganui a Tara/Wellington.  As an artist and lecturer Gina brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the tours. She is delighted to be working with Mary jane Duffy

In Tamaki Makauarau Auckland onve Covid allows Assoc Prof Linda Tyler and  TJ (Terry) McNamara will be taking the Walk & Talk an Art Precinct and other tours

Meet our team of Art Explorer Guides in Wellington and Auckland.


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Tour Reviews

Liz Lyons

Walk & Talk an Auckland Art Precinct (weekly Saturday)

Art Explore make art both accessible and enjoyable for an novice like me. Great to hear entertaining behind-the-scenes stories and to get access to the hidden vaults of Auckland’s thriving arts community. Highly recommended for a great morning out. Great way to meet other enthusiasts.


Wellington Walk & Talk Art Precinct (fortnightly)

Comments from the First Spring Walk & Talk and art Precinct: SUSI Another great art tour exploring a variety of galleries and diverse range of current exhibitions. Thank you. MARY Very worthwhile first time on art walk, thanks ROBYN My first art walk n feeling so inspired ! Lovely people too JOHN A very enjoyable three hours. What a diversity of art is being produced! Nice to meet everyone. TREVOR Ditto Ditto…. Thanks Mark & Lorraine for hosting the 1st of the new seasons arts tour. The works by Brett Graham @ Bartley & Company are exceptional.