ArtExplore has developed from Caril & Brian’s long love of and experience of art and having developed a personal collection of contemporary art. We are passionate about the excellent Aotearoa/New Zealand contemporary art that has been and continues to be created. We want to share our love of art with others and help grow this art both locally and internationally.


We envisage working in partnership with the existing art community as well as independently to create opportunities for the tourist sector, general public, those with a strong interest in art, as well as people thinking about or new to collecting. The opportunities we create will foster excitement for art and artists as a central meaningful part of our culture, and to transform this into ongoing purchasing/collecting.

Environmental Sustainability

We have built our lives around practices to lessen our carbon foot print and to contribute to sustainability. We are carrying this into ArtExplore. We have actively sought a printer with a credible record for safe ecological practices: Soar Printing: We will reduce, reuse and recycle wherever possible. We will use public transport and will link the people using the services of ArtExplore to the public transport facilities of the city.

Commitment to Community

Individually we have long contributed to the development of a just society with activities in the peace, environmental and antiracism movements. For years we have contributed to Oxfam and Amnesty international  ArtExplore relationship with Toi Ora Live Arts Trust meant that we funded the Art Map for the Outsider Art Fair in 2016. As ArtExplore we support new, emerging artists.

Economic development

Caril and Brian see ArtExplore as an enjoyable way to build a socially focused business, support their interest in art and significantly increase the number of people looking at, talking about, understanding and therefore collecting contemporary fine art, both locally and internationally. As the ArtExplore grows there will be both employment created within the business (already with associates) as well as secondary employment through networking businesses providing required services. ArtExplore is not focused on profit making. It is really a social enterprise aiming to be self sustaining.