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Auckland contemporary art tours

This contemporary art tour gets you with ease to top dealer galleries, corporate collections, featured public art, fabulous street art and/or even an artists studio.

Auckland Winter Van Tour July 13

Winter Van Tour: Auckland North Shore

Discover contemporary art: Dunedin, Wellington & Auckland

Be introduced to the fine visual arts of Auckland, Wellington or Dunedin. Includes all or some of the following: top dealer galleries, corporate collections, featured public art, fabulous street art and maybe an artists studio.

Your  guide is a knowledgeable experienced art professional. They are well known to the gallerists. Be taken with ease to a variety of destinations. Plus independent commentary (no vested interest in gaining a sale).

Deepening your understanding of the country and city through artist expression, or as an art lover or collector. Finishing satiated and satisfied following a tremendous art experience

A fabulous way to see the city.

2 hours
See Below for dates and times

Dunedin Walk & Talk the Dunedin’s Art Precincts 4th Saturdays

Fourth Saturdays Walk & Talk an Art Precinct: Art Walking Tour of galleries especially chosen by your Guide James Dignan, ODT Art Critic

2 hours
One of the 2 art precincts in Dunedin
On Sale

TJ McNamara Winter Lecture Series:3 Revolutions

TJ McNamara Winter lecture series

Tour of Dunedin Public Hospital Art Collection

Tour of Dunedin Hospital Art Collection.

Walk & Talk an Auckland Art Precinct (weekly Saturday)

Regular Saturday mornings Walk & Talk an art Precinct: walking art tour with art commentator TJ McNamara or Assoc Prof Linda Tyler


2 hours
One of the 6 art precincts in Auckland
Weekly, Saturday

Wellington Tour 4th Floor QT Art Hotel August 25

Tour 4th Floor QT Hotel Wellington

Wellington Walk & Talk Art Precinct (fortnightly)

Fortnightly Walk & Talk an Art Precinct with  Mark Amery Art Critic or Mary Jane Duffy Art consultant and previous gallery owner

2 hours
One of the 5 art precincts in Wellington
Fortnightly, Saturday

Wellington: Winter Wonder Van Tour June 29

Join Mark Amery for a never dull moment four hour road trip. Celebrating the outstanding exhibitions of four great NZ galleries we visit only on this Van Tour.