Curators of Cuba: Potocki Paterson with artist Shelley Masters

In episode #14 of a conversation series with galleries and artists that help make the Cuba Street area dynamic, Suzanne Tamaki meets dealer Dylan Potocki with his gallery upstairs on Dixon Street, and painter Shelley Masters whose exhibition The Distance Between Us is on until 1 September, You can go to ‘Curators of Cuba’ on the CubaDupa website to read more and see all the videos. Videos are being posted to CubaDupa and ArtExplore social media channels as they are rolled out. Curators of Cuba: presented by CubaDupa and ArtExplore. Produced by Mark Amery for the Wellington Independent Arts Trust. Videography by Oscar Keys and Shyam Patel. Music: Pashtag. With major funding from the Wellington City Council and galleries.

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